The Zoom Business Simulation® Game

As part of the executive team, students sit in the driver’s seat of a new automobile company as they make all the relevant sales, marketing, operational, and financial decisions necessary for their company to succeed. Student teams compete against each other for profits and market share as they learn core business principles and how to make good business decisions.

Zoom Business Simulation Program Features

  • Adaptive, competitive, and strategic game play
  • Intuitive interface for students and professors
  • Scalable to fit any number of teams, works with any class size
  • Critical thinking through reflective observation
  • Can be bundled with Wiley textbooks
  • Self-grading, assigns each student a performance grade
  • 100% online business simulation
  • Functional on iPads, tablets
  • Easy set up for instructors, ready in minutes
  • Only $34.99 per student
  • Learning assessment tools for review
  • Dedicated customer support 24/7